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Industrial burner

What are the applications and field analysis of burners?

I. Industrial burners

Industrial burners are commonly referred to as burners, and there are many types of specifications, including fuel, gas (gas), and coal (pulverized coal/water slurry). There is a wide range of applications where burners are required in industrial applications that require the combustion of fuel to heat materials or reactions. Combustion engines, also known as integrated burners, are based on fuel and gas. Generally used in small and medium-sized fuel boilers, fuel heaters, baking (baking) boxes and small fuel heating furnaces. Industrial burners (burner) can achieve the function of the burner after increased configuration, but the burner can not meet the fuel combustion heating or reaction requirements in many industrial applications.

II. Burner Burner

Combustion engines are the core components of gas-fired boilers. At present, more than 95% of the combustion engines used in China are imported products, and there is no domestic production scale. With the gradual replacement of coal by natural gas, a large number of coal-fired boilers need to be transformed into gas-fired boilers. The transformation work is mainly undertaken by gas companies in different regions. The automatic integrated gas combustion technology is one of the development directions in modern combustion applications. The automatic integrated combustion engine has an automatic combustion fan, automatic ignition, flameout protection, automatic air/fuel ratio adjustment, automatic adjustment of combustion conditions according to parameters, etc. Features. It can save energy, improve safety performance and product quality, while reducing the labor intensity.

III. Civil Burners

Civil cookers, lighters, torches, and fuel injection devices in engines are civilian burners. One of the civilian infrared burners has a burner housing, a microporous ceramic inner fireboard, a microporous ceramic outer fireboard, a microporous ceramic inner fireboard intake pipe and a gas mixing chamber, and a microporous ceramic outer fire board. Trachea and gas mixing room. Without increasing the diameter of the burner, the effective area of ​​the combustion surface of the burner is increased, the heat load and the thermal efficiency are improved, and the service life is long.

Four special burners

Industrial Waste Gas, Waste Liquid Burners

In the chemical industry, harmful exhaust gases and waste liquids are generated at high concentrations. If they are treated by chemical methods, the cost is high. However, incineration is a low-cost, simple method. : Exhaust gas and fuel mixed burner, waste liquid and fuel mixed burner.

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