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Infrared drying principle

Infrared drying principle

1: Infrared drying technology is mainly used in screen printing, paper making, food, automotive spraying and other industries, with energy-saving features.

2: Infrared wave, low wave, according to different baking objects, the selected band is not the same, such as glass ink is expected to be medium wave; toast bread may be low-wave, according to different specifications Models can be selected by themselves, and foreign HORUS is a very popular brand.

3: Different from ordinary electric heating wire, the heating wire is first heated, heat energy is transmitted to the air, and air is transmitted to the heated object, so that the effect is not energy saving.

4: Infrared light can irradiate the surface of the baked object, such as baking only the body paint, but the interior of the body will not rise too much.

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