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Gas engine commissioning work

Gas engine commissioning operations need to consider what?

I. Three aspects of the inspection before the commissioning of the gas engine

  1. Check that the gas is in place, the gas line is clean and the valve is open.
  2. Is there any leakage in the pipeline and the installation of the pipeline is reasonable?
  3. Gas emptying from the front of the gas valve to ensure that there is no air in the line and the emptying tube should be taken out of the room.

Second, gas engines internal inspection

  1. The combustion head of the burner is installed and adjusted.
  2. The motor is rotating in the correct direction.
  3. External circuit connection meets requirements.
  4. Perform the cold simulation of the burner according to the conditions of the line, observe whether the various parts of the equipment in operation are normal and whether the flame detection and protection part is normal.

III.Combustion Tester

  1. Check if the outside gas is in place, the tubing is unobstructed, and the external power supply is in place.
  2. Turn the load of the burner to a small load, adjust the ignition position to a small load, turn off the heavy load to ignite and observe the flame, and adjust the servomotor or the damper and the gas valve group according to the flame condition.
  3. When adjusting the fire output of the burner, according to the load condition of the heating equipment, gradually adjust from a relatively small load to a large load, and adjust the servomotor or damper accordingly.
  4. Observe whether the flame is in a partial fire, the flame is not fully burned, and the vibration is a phenomenon.
  5. After the adjustment, it is necessary to perform multiple ignitions to observe whether the ignition is good.

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