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Rotary type basketless aluminum alloy heat treatment furnace

Rotary type basketless aluminum alloy heat treatment furnace

Economy, Environment, and Efficient Energy Utilization

LPG or LNG is used as a fuel, and combustion is performed using a burner developed by Ching Ying Co., Ltd., and the heat generated by the combustion is sent to the furnace side through the circulation fan installed at the patio and the passage formed by the air deflector and the inner panel. Convection through the high-speed hot air circulation heats the product evenly.

Stable and High Accuracy Automatic Temperature Control

In order to keep the furnace temperature stable, the furnace body is divided along its circumference, and the temperature of each of these areas is measured. For the automatically set temperature, the combustion of the burner is controlled by the operation of the PID. The physical temperature of the product in the furnace is within ±5°C of the international standard, and the qualified rate of the product can reach 100%.

Accurate combustion control

According to the signal from the temperature regulator, and the connecting rod connecting the combustion air and the fuel gas with the control motor, the air valve and the fuel gas valve are automatically operated, and the air-fuel ratio is adjusted by the feedback flow of the combustion air pressure. The flow adjustment valve is precisely controlled. This allows accurate control of burner combustion.

Safe and reliable handling, durable and low-cost maintenance

This device is fully automatic. In its various parts, it has set up an effective interlocking mechanism and uses the man-machine dialogue interface to control the entire process. The data and processing methods such as equipment operation status and abnormal alarms are clearly displayed on the screen, saved and output, and the operator can Easy to grasp the condition of the equipment. Ensure its safe and reliable operation performance. Reasonable design and import of key components make the entire device stable in performance, suitable for long-term uninterrupted work and capable of daily maintenance without stopping the operation.

Low energy consumption

The heat treatment without baskets has greatly reduced the energy consumption, and the original complicated and bulky workpiece conveying mechanism has been improved to a simple and lightweight intelligent robot, which greatly shortens the loading time and reduces the labor intensity of workers. And it also saves the manufacturing cost of baskets and maintenance costs that occur due to thermal deformation of the baskets.

High quality, high efficiency, easy operation

The work rack can be uniformly heated as a whole, which helps to improve the heat treatment quality of the workpiece.

The workpiece is transported to the furnace by the robot, making the handling of the workpiece easy and unattended. Improve work efficiency and performance.

Industry security.

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