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Regenerative continuous aluminum alloy melting furnace

Regenerative continuous aluminum alloy melting furnace

The regenerative continuous aluminum alloy melting furnace (SRM type) is based on the characteristics of the furnace type of continuous aluminum alloy centralized melting furnace (STM type), and improves the existing furnace building structure and combustion system. In order to better embody the energy-saving advantages of regenerative burners and make full use of exhaust heat, the combustion air can be preheated to over 800°C, the exhaust temperature is lower than 250°C, and the thermal efficiency and economic benefits are greatly improved.


  1. Accurate temperature control for aluminum liquids, up to ±5°C
  2. Efficient heat energy utilization up to 60%
  3. Reducing the loss of molten aluminum and burning the whole furnace within 1%
  4. Reducing the emission of harmful pollutants and improving the environmental protection level; CO in flue gas is less than 500ppm and NOX is less than 400ppm.
  5. The burner control is safe and reliable, with perfect flame monitoring, safety protection program chaining, etc. The burner has a long service life
  6. Sturdy furnace structure design, high melting efficiency, easy cleaning and easy maintenance

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