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SH242A infrared burner

SH242A infrared burner

I. Performance:

Infrared burners use a ceramic honeycomb plate as the burner head, completely premixed with air during combustion, to ensure complete combustion, thereby reducing the emission of pollutants; by burning, approximately 70% of energy is transferred by radiation to infrared radiation. Infrared waves (2-4μm) are most easily absorbed by molecules of matter and macromolecules, and have strong penetrating power. They can excite water molecules to resonate and evenly penetrate heat into the core of the heated object. The heating effect is uniform, and the heating quality and drying efficiency are improved. Therefore, heating, drying, heat preservation, aging treatment, and heating with an infrared burner have become a new process and new trend. It has been widely used in industrial paints, ceramics, and foods. , printing and dyeing and other industries and fields.

II. Advantages:

  • Infrared radiation heating, supplemented by convection heating, saves 30-50% cost compared to using electric drying;
  • Low pollution, uniform heating, best drying and heating to improve product quality, reduce scrap rate;
  • Rapid warming, fine-tuning of temperature, energy reduction and safety;
  • The total cost is very low, and the combustion surface can be installed in any of the upper, lower, and lateral sides.

III. Use:

  • Metal parts forging, annealing, aging, heat treatment, temperature up to 600 °C; metal surface treatment, moisture drying, aluminum paint and various direct heating production equipment 30-300 °C.
  • Ceramic, baking, green, glazed, carpet, latex, PVS gloves dry 30-300 ° C insulation; farming and pasture insulation, operating plant bureau insulation.
  • Drying of processed foods such as egg rolls, cakes, biscuits, squid fillets, fish paste, etc. (The inside and outside of food baking are evenly heated, have less smoke, no pollution, and have a smooth and clean appearance.)
  • Dehydration and baking of products such as printing and dyeing, tobacco leaves, tea, grains, aquatic products, vegetables, and inner products. WEISH metal fiber burner, also known as magic burner, can be customized according to the requirements of corporate customers in a variety of shapes and sizes of burners. It is the only heating burner in the field of combustion that can achieve both infrared and blue flame state.

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