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Infrared asphalt regeneration repair device

Infrared asphalt regeneration repair device

 Gas infrared heating repairing machine, applicable to all the disease restoration of asphalt pavement, such as: pits, cracks, cracks, uplift, loose, explicit, etc., can be applied to road excavation of municipal works, railway shoulders The treatment of the asphalt and concrete joint surface, the treatment of the cold joint, and the entire road surface reconstruction.

Characteristics: 1. The use of liquefied gas combustion, 2. The use of advanced surface combustion technology, high efficiency, energy saving, easy to operate, durable, not afraid of the road area of water and oil, anti-vibration. Strong heating effect and reliable service life

Feature 3: Infrared heating is easily absorbed by asphalt concrete, and the heating effect is good. The thickness of the softened pavement within 5 minutes reaches 5 to 6 cm. The surface of the asphalt pavement is not darkened.

Feature 4: Partial heating and integral heating, automatic ignition, flameout protection, wind resistance, suitable for open road maintenance operations.

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